Risks of Vinyl Installation on Old Vehicles

What is Vinyl? Vinyl is a man-made plastic commonly used to make records and vehicle wraps. Vinyl is a flexible and waterproof material that can easily bend around edges and curves. Additionally, vinyl installation is more cost-effective…
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Car Wrap Marketing – ALTIUS Graphics

Car wraps are loved by people due to easily transformation of their car from old to a new one. People also love car wrap services because it helps people in protecting the real color of the car…
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When Should You Re-Brand Your Fleet Graphics?

Reasons to Rebrand Fleet Graphics When it comes to rebranding, many businesses forget about their fleet graphics. Wraps are one of the most effective ways to continuously promote your business, so you should always make sure you are keeping…
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Car Wrap Tech

Car Wraps are central to marketing today and are key to your success as a business, Learn more about the latest and greatest car wrap tech here
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Fleet Wrap Customer Spotlight: ACE ImageWear

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We are proud to showcase our newest fleet wrap we did for ACE ImageWear.
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Why invest in Trailer and Container Wraps?

Trailer and Container wraps serve many purposes, from transporting produce and goods to hauling livestock. These trailers can be driven all over America, giving your company a better chance of being seen by more people driving on the road.
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Why Boat Wraps?

Everything You Need to Know You decided to purchase a boat, right? Now, you’re wondering, “how do I customize this boat for my needs?” Or “What can I do to show off my personality?”. There are a lot of things that you must consider…
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Food Truck Wraps: Creole Flava

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Celebrating The Newest Graphic Wrap Project During these unprecedented times, it can be very worrying about whether one would be able to get the things that they need to help market their business. Through all of this uncertainty, we are…

Choosing the Best Vehicle Wrap

What to look for So you wanna get a wrap for your car, huh? It can be very daunting task. What kind of wrap should I get? What sort of materials are out there? Maybe you don’t even know what a car wrap is? Well, we are here to give you…
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