The Power Of Automotive Wraps In Out Of Home Advertising

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Automotive wraps or vehicle wraps are unique outdoor marketing methods that boosts service, increase referrals and elevates sales performance. As the name suggest, these are large digitally printed vinyl panels that are placed on the vehicles: cars, vans, trucks, buses, utility trailers, boats, etc. If it moves, it can be wrapped.  They serve as moving billboards, taking outdoor advertising to a new level.

Data indicates that the US automotive wrap industry is poised for exponential growth; at a rate of 18.8% in the coming years. It’s time to take advantage of this thriving opportunity.

ALTIUS Graphics, the leading provider of all kinds of vehicle wraps, urges Houston based businesses seeking to advertise their brands in their community to seize on this opportunity. Reach out to us for customized vehicle wraps, from concept to installation, and make a lasting impact in your community.

Benefits of Vehicle Wraps

Wrapping a vehicle with a brand’s name, message and logo offers numerous benefits. It’s a viable option for businesses with limited budgets and those looking to explore fresh advertising channels.

Impact on audience

Vehicle wraps command considerable influence as a local marketing tool, especially for small businesses. Whether the vehicle is moving or parked in a busy area, it draws attention, imprinting the brand deeply in people’s mind. Expect improvement in aided and unaided awareness. They are a persistent reminder of the brand and influence customer perception and purchasing decisions. A single wrapped vehicle can generate between 30,000 to 70,000 impressions per month.

Cost effective

Unlike conventional advertising methods, vehicle wraps requires no on-going costs. Installation requires a one-time payment and businesses can expect a high return on investment (ROI). Compared with a traditional paint job, costs are significantly lower than vinyl wraps and helps businesses achieve their advertising targets, while maintaining strict control over expenses. ALTIUS Graphics specializes in high quality automobile fleet wraps, delivering a professional and refined look, at a fairly competitive price.

Go the extra mile

Vinyl automotive wraps are an excellent outdoor marketing strategy. Repeat exposure is a great way to generate awareness and interest, leading to increase leads and sales. They capture the brand’s personality through eye-catching, customized designs fostering greater recall value.

Do you want your vehicle to do the advertising for you?  Touch base with ALTIUS Graphics, right away. We will take care of all your mobile advertising needs from start to finish.

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