A Customer’s Story: Automobile Fleet Wrap Engagement

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Ace Imageware Automobile Fleet Wrap

There are numerous ways that ALTIUS Graphics and Ace ImageWear are similar. Both ALTIUS and Ace are businesses ready to serve their customer base at any time. Both ALTIUS and Ace know the value of branding: Ace ImageWear works in the uniform sector and ALTIUS develops brands by installing vehicle wraps. Suffice it to say, the two businesses know the meaning of a first impression and the multiple avenues in which that can be achieved. Therefore, when Ace ImageWear came to ALTIUS for their vehicle wraps. We, at ALTIUS, were eager to provide them with personal service and first-rate vinyl large-format print applications. It is, after all, our mission to provide clients with singular customizable graphics for their brand development and innovative advertising.

Ace ImageWear has chosen ALTIUS as their vendor for fleet wrap since 2018. While Ace operates in multi-locations in the United States, their corporate branding team is in their headquarter in Kansas. Firstly, we receive their design file via Adobe Illustrator from their marketing team. ALTIUS ensures remeasuring the truck each time to ensure accurate dimensional positioning of graphic decals on the vehicle surface. Then, the graphic team at ALTIUS prepares appropriate digital print files. We use OEM HP Latex Ink and high-quality HP and 3M Media vinyl, including compatible UV Protected overlaminate. ALTIUS utilizes computerized contour cutting to get the cut-decals. Using transfer tape, we apply the cut vinyl to the fleet surface. Lastly, we use a post application heating process with a heat gun to ensure 100% air bubble eradication before the wrapped truck is delivered.

Since Ace is in the industrial and commercial uniform cleaning industry, they require their truck to showcase their work quality. Since 2023, they started re-application of Automobile Graphics on their working fleet. ALTIUS guarantees the quickest turnaround time possible. We frequently have them drop off a truck on Friday to pick it up Monday morning, ready to go, eliminating any potential production loss for them. ALTIUS and Ace ImageWear have been partners now for 6 years running. Together we thrive.

Ace Imageware Automobile Fleet Wrap

For more information, please reach out to https://www.linkedin.com/company/ace-imagewear/. Or call Natalie at (832) 500-5160

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