Van Graphics Houston: Business Branding Ideas

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Van Graphics Houston

Van Graphics Houston is a simple and cost-effective way to promote your company. The key to getting the best solution for your van is understanding what you need and avoiding costly mistakes. 

Van graphics, also called vehicle graphics are colorful vinyl wraps used on all types of vehicles. It serves as a powerful advertising tool that effectively reaches out to hundreds of people without much cost and effort. Van graphics have the ability to seamlessly float into the visual space of the viewer thus capturing their attention without much distraction. Businesses have found that the recall value of brands at times, is much higher through vehicle graphics than websites.

Van graphics are extremely versatile and can be used on any type of vehicle. Public transports like buses and trams, trucks, all kinds of delivery vans, company cars, private cars and even boats use van graphics extensively to advertise businesses.

Designing vehicle graphics is quite a complex process.

A few important pointers that need to be included in the design of van graphics are:

  • Name of the company: Simple clear and accurate graphics with bold fonts that enable the readers to read the company’s name correctly is the most basic requisite of a van graphic. The name needs to stand out loud and clear.
  • Contact Information: This is the most crucial bit of information that needs to be provided for interested customers to get in touch with the company. It can include email, telephone number, website address and other social media handles like FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Logo: Van graphics need to carry a clear and well-designed logo of the company. Logos are generally easily identifiable and help in creating better brand recognition. It has more recall value for the viewers than the name of the company.
  • Catchphrase: Everyone loves a catchy phrase or tune. An appealing slogan is a great way to make an immediate connection with the brand. It also has great recall value and aids in brand recognition too.
  • Design: The design detail is another very important element in van graphics. The color, style, font and each graphic included in the design scheme should all come together cohesively to match the branding of the company.

Vehicle graphics come in various forms and sizes. There are different types of vehicle graphics to suit each person’s needs.

The major types of van graphics are:

  • Auto Vinyl Van Graphics: They are individual decals that can be customized as per color, shape, depth and laminate.
  • Partial Vehicle wraps: These are wraps that can cover a small part or three-quarters of the vehicle.
  • Full Vehicle wraps: The entire body of the vehicle, be it a small car or a big truck, can fully be covered with wraps that can look like a moving billboard.
  • Spot graphics: These are specific letters, logos or artworks applied on specific areas of the vehicle, like the door, bonnet-rear and hood.
  • Magnets: These are again small artworks or logos that can be stuck on with a strong magnet and removed when not necessary.

ALTIUS Graphics, Houston is a leading name in the manufacture and installation of all kinds of van graphics. They help in giving shape to your vision and turning it into a reality.

We’d like to know you better so we can serve you better.