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Food Truck Wraps

Food trucks are already a common sight everywhere in the food scene. But how can you create food truck wraps that work? We offer some helpful advice in this blog post to assist you in coming up with scrumptious designs for your food truck. 

What Do Food Truck Wraps Contain?

A food truck wrap is a large-format picture that entirely covers the outside of a food truck. It is commonly made of self-adhesive vinyl. 

For good reason, wraps have taken over as the preferred method of promoting food trucks: they are economical, visually stunning, and simple to keep up with. 

In Houston, which has the most food trucks per capita in the US, food trucks fight for consumers’ attention with daring and creative designs. 

Food Truck Wraps Guide

An eye-catching wrap is crucial to the success of any food truck owner. After all, you need to capture their attention in order to gain their business. 

In light of this, here is a simple guide that lists the essential considerations for a successful food truck wrap. 

1. Make an unforgettable design

Although all kinds of businesses need to use design to market their goods or services, owning a food truck makes the outstanding design even more crucial.  

Restaurants have a plethora of chances to wow their patrons with design. A traditional restaurant, after all, has a storefront, walls, and bathrooms, and occasionally they even utilize the ceiling. On the other hand, a wrap for a food truck is essentially its entire identity. It gives them the ability to make a great first impression.  

A distinctive design makes your food truck stand out, draws customers, and gives it a recognizable appearance. Consider approaches to enhance the recall of your design. If you sell fish tacos, for instance, you could wrap your food truck to make it appear like a boat. You could also use a wrap to make your truck appear to be covered in pepperoni slices if you offer Italian food. 

The good news is that our most cutting-edge large-format printing technology makes it possible to realize practically any idea. 

2. Consider three-dimensionally

Designing a good food truck wrap requires you to simultaneously think in three dimensions, which is one of the most difficult components of the process.  

For instance, while creating a storefront image, you just need to consider the surface of your storefront. Your design for a food wrap must seem fantastic from any aspect that you can view your vehicle. 

Even if you have a basic understanding of graphics, designing for tridimensional items like a food truck is a completely different challenge.  

Consult a graphic designer with knowledge of producing graphics for large vehicles if you need help. Call ALTIUS Graphics now if you’re unsure about where to begin. We’ll be glad to assist you with anything from our staff. 

3. Get ready to wrap your food truck

A food truck wrap is essentially a set of vinyl panels that are put to the exterior of a food truck. Your truck’s surface will be easier to wrap the smoother and cleaner it is.  

Find any damage to the body or paint (such as corrosion, paint chips, peeling paint, and dings) and repair it if feasible before covering your vehicle. 

This is crucial if your food truck is an older model that has been put through a lot of use by past owners. Always wash your truck at least a day in advance of wrapping. Before giving the vehicle to the installers, wash it gently with soap and make sure all of the pieces are dry. 

One word of advice: Stay away from wax. While waxing a car is frequently a good idea, it generates a protective layer that hinders the application of a wrap. 

If You Can Imagine It, We Can Print It – ALTIUS Graphics 

Are you prepared to design a food truck wrap with a big impact? Our big format printing company, ALTIUS Graphics, is renowned for its unique visual solutions and dedication to excellence. 

Contact us right away by phone (832-500-5160), email at, or via social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn). 

We’d like to know you better so we can serve you better.