Custom ADA Signs from ALTIUS Graphics: Why Order Custom Signs

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Custom ADA Signs

It is always morally correct to integrate custom ADA signs into your company. These kinds of signals aid the blind in navigating their surroundings and getting around. This can put your clients at rest because it demonstrates your concern for everyone. Even though the majority of these signs are intended to directly assist people. You can make ADA signs as fascinating as you like! At ALTIUS, We have countless design possibilities for ADA signs thanks to our machinery! 

Design Consideration for Custom ADA Signs

Custom ADA signs from ALTIUS Graphics are stunning, robust, and come in a variety of design possibilities.  

Why It Is Important to Update ADA Signs

A sign that complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) must be present in every public building. These exhibits work to guarantee that everyone has access, including people with disabilities. This means that all custom ADA signs need to be in good shape and be easily readable. Businesses can become non-compliant when signage is obsolete, either failing to satisfy ADA rules or proving to be too difficult to see.   

Here are a few repercussions you might experience

  • If some signs in your establishment do not meet ADA guidelines, you risk a fine.  
  • If those with impairments aren’t given appropriate access, you risk a lawsuit.  
  • Due to your refusal to grant equitable access, you can face criticism. 
  • This is why purchasing new signs is not only worthwhile but also highly advised. 
  • There is good news if you are still worried about the price of new signs or whether they would conflict with your existing decor.  

The technology utilized to create custom ADA signage has advanced significantly throughout the years, particularly in the last ten years. Large numbers of signage can now be produced more affordably than ever. Additionally, there are more choices for sign customization than ever before, enabling the production of unique custom ADA signs that properly match a company’s brand and preferred appearance. 

How to Create Custom ADA Signs per Your Specifications

A few examples of signage that can be created to your specifications are as follows: 

Any shape – The days when customers had to choose from a small selection of rectangles, circles, and hexagons are long gone. Any shape or size of signage is now possible, regardless of the type of material. This opens up countless design options. 

Any color – The manufacture of ADA signs has advanced to the point where signs may now be made in almost any color imaginable. There is a vast range of color options available for sign design needs as long as a sign complies with ADA guidelines for the contrast between the background and text. 

Any style – Although many of our customers ask us to design their signage, they can also come up with the idea themselves and instruct us to work according to their requirements. You can make new signs to update the look of your building or design brand-new bespoke indoor signs to blend in with the ones already present in your facility. 

Any branding or logo elements – Any ADA signs we produce for public buildings may easily be enhanced with brand imagery. Schools particularly like this feature since it allows them to display their school pride in additional ways by using the signs. To get people familiar with your brand, you might choose to include the logo of your company.   

What Advantages Do Custom ADA Signs from ALTIUS Graphics?

ADA Compatibility

As was previously said, breaking ADA regulations could spell serious consequences for your company. Fortunately, if you deal with ALTIUS’s custom signs, you won’t need to stress about your signs. All of the signs marking permanent places in your facility will be 100 percent compliant since we strictly adhere to the ADA sign regulations.   


You want your signs to appear attractive and endure the test of time, just like any other furniture you buy for your building. You may be confident that the custom indoor signage our team makes for you will be of the highest caliber. We ensure that every display fulfills our standards by doing extensive quality assurance inspections in addition to employing strong, long-lasting materials.  

Variable Sign Customization Levels

Working with us also offers you the option of selecting from several degrees of sign personalization. You can choose different materials, colors, and fonts from our two tiers of predesigned sign families. You can submit your own design for bespoke orders or work with our staff to create something together. There are countless options!    

Visit the collection of custom ADA sign designs and styles today. Request an estimate for a fully customized order if you want to take advantage of our sign customization options. If you have any queries, feel free to get in touch with our team. We’ll be glad to respond! 

We’d like to know you better so we can serve you better.