• tactile braille sign

Custom ADA Signage

Altius makes customized ADA signage in Houston, Texas. It’s made in America, compliance with The American Disabilities Act (ADA) guideline. Our ADA signage includes:

  • Base Plate
  • Tactile Lettering
  • Grade II Braille Lettering
  • Pictograms, as necessary
  • Mounting hardware & accessories

There’s no one in the industry with a better understanding of ADA Signage then Altius. Our internal ADA signage designer uses sophisticated software for engineering specifications. We use design software to select Text, Font, Pictograms, Images, Logo, Color, etc. We Combination of two software and latest hardware technology from leading CNC manufacturer help us deliver the best of best ADA signage.

Altius use various base materials such as acrylic, wood, metal plates, and Romark non-reflective product to create tactile lettering. We use Raster Braille Beads with the help of CNC operated insert mechanism to create grade II braille letters.

To make our environment better, with zero carbon footprint We’ve moved away from the Photopolymer process. The Photopolymer process produces a toxic chemical and color pigments into the environment. Altius used the latest technology from the industry’s leading providers to produce large quantity, computer controlled quality production with computer-aided design (CAD) process.

Altius is your one-stop shop for designing the most beautiful architectural collaborative ADA signage with eco-friendly material. We produce large qualities in a short timeframe using the latest CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) process and ship anywhere in North America.

Buying ADA signage is no longer a complex, complicated, or expensive process. It does not require any special contractor to install. Try Altius, you will not be disappointed.