Window Stickers that Transform your Space

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Window Stickers

This holiday season, let your store window speak from the heart. Be it enchanting window stickers, interior decals or joyful window clings, let your store windows share  the warmth and cheer of the holiday season and your brand’s message.

ALTIUS Graphics state-of-the-art window decals are so mesmerizing that they can convince Santa to trade his sleigh for a stroll through the store.

Window Stickers: An overview

Window stickers or window decals are printed vinyl stickers with an adhesive backing. They can be easily applied to glass or any other surface. The non adhesive window stickers called window clings, can only be used on glass and plastic surfaces. It uses static electricity to adhere to the surface.

The range of window stickers at ALTIUS Graphics

  • Clear Stickers – These transparent window stickers offer clear unobstructed visibility through them; except for the area that has printed content.
  • Opaque Stickers – Also known as frosted decals, these stickers come with an opaque white background creating a frosted appearance for the window.
  • Perforated Stickers – These unique window stickers allow only one- way visibility. They provide privacy for individuals inside the store by obstructing visibility from the outside.

Advantages of using window stickers

Window stickers are an efficient way of advertising your business. A well-designed decal, strategically placed on the store window, can easily convert a passerby into a potential customer.

  • Earn Brand Recognition – For retailers vying for foot traffic attention, window stickers and decals play a crucial role. These signs build awareness, capture attention and enhance overall recall.
  • A Cost-effective proposition – A window decal is a cost-effective solution that delivers results without breaking the bank. Their affordability allows for frequent changes making them ideal for holiday promotions, seasonal sale, deals and other exciting events to both current and potential customers.
  • Enhance your storefront – People judge a store by its appearance. Window decals can be used to make the store more attractive and inviting. A captivating window graphic has the power to make the store stand out from the competition and inspire potential customers to step inside and explore
  • Ensure Privacy –Large scale opaque window stickers offer ample discretion, ensuring effective privacy from prying eyes. This allows for confidential transactions and consultations while simultaneously advertising products and services to potential customers.
  • Easy maintenance – Window stickers are easy to install and remove, leaving windows undamaged. They are low maintenance too; a quick wipe keeps them clean. When kept clean, vinyl window signage can last for years though fading may occur with our hot Texas sun.

Storefront Window makeover with ALTIUS Graphics

Experience a seamless journey in creating custom window decals with ALTIUS Graphics. We are the Houston’s premier choice for crafting diverse window stickers, guaranteeing a smooth process from design to installation. Contact us today for the ultimate window decal solutions.

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