Why Window Wraps Are the Next Big Marketing Trend?

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Window Wraps

Window wraps, also popularly known as window graphics or decals are basically vinyl stickers used on storefront windows. It’s a skillful and cost-efficient advertising tool to enhance brand awareness and increase sales for businesses of all shapes and sizes.  

A plain and uninteresting shop front will blend into the background on a busy street, especially if it is surrounded by retailers with flashy graphics and colorful facades. But a well-designed window wrap can serve as a game changer for any business big or small.  

The main objectives of window wraps / window graphics are

  • Increase brand visibility in a cost-effective manner 
  • Colors and prints and graphics catch eyeballs 
  • Increases store foot falls 
  • Maximize the potential real estate value of the store front 
  • Bolsters the brand’s digital marketing strategy  
  • Helps in creating a social media buzz.  
  • They are versatile and can be updated regularly.  

Apart from the above, window wraps/ window graphics when designed as a work of art also helps in making the ambiance beautiful and vibrant thus increasing positive social interactions amongst workers and visitors.  

A lesser-known use of window wraps/window graphics is that it can be used as a sunshade when the sun hits the store.  

Businesses that can use window wraps or window graphics to enhance their visibility ranges from restaurants, bars n lounges, banks, hotels, stores, airports, convention centers, dealerships etc. Any brick-and-mortar place that needs to advertise itself can take advantage of a window wrap.  

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