Why Boat Wraps?

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boat wrap by altius graphics in houston texas

Everything You Need to Know

You decided to purchase a boat, right? Now, you’re wondering, “how do I customize this boat for my needs?” Or “What can I do to show off my personality?”. There are a lot of things that you must consider when thinking of customizing your boat. We will be explaining what a boat wrap is, why you should consider installing one, and what the advantages are over a paint job.

What Is A Boat Wrap?

Like car wraps, a boat wrap is a sheet (usually vinyl) that is used to wrap above-the-water line or only certain parts of the boat. It can be used to transform the look of your boat, giving it a nice or new feel to it. It gives a similar finish like a paint job would, only it is more cost-effective and durable.

Many people use boat wraps and graphics/decals to market themselves or their business. If you own a yacht company that primarily uses their yachts for private parties or gatherings, you’ll want to have your branding on them in order to attract more prospective clients.

Why Should I Get A Boat Wrap?

Good question! As I have mentioned earlier, boat wraps are an effective tool to advertise your agency or business. If you’re renting out speed boats to people for a certain amount of time, having your branding or a certain type of design can help you keep track of them. They also show off what your company does.

Cost Effective

Boat wraps are less costly than a traditional paint job. Of course, depending on what you decide to wrap, will vary on placement and size. But there is no doubt that the price of a wrap is considerably lower than a more traditional route. Paint jobs usually cost from $300-$2000, depending not the boat, a vinyl wrap is easily one-third of the cost.

Protects Your Boat

A brand-new boat has a nice finish, and you don’t want that to be ruined during your outings (especially if these boats are used multiple times on a daily basis). Vinyl wrapping can be used as a protective coating around your boat’s exterior. Vinyl boat wraps have a clear layer that protects your boats from UV rays, maintaining a long-lasting finish.

Installation is Quick and Easy to Maintain

Most wrap installations take around one to two days to finish, making it that much quicker to get your boat ready for commercial or private use. Being a boat owner, it can be time consuming to always buff and polish your boat. With a boat wrap, you do not have to worry about it. In order to keep your wrap looking brand new, just use soap and water to clean it. Any scratches? A quick repatch will take care of it.

Looking to customize your boat or yacht? Look no further! Here at ALTIUS Graphics, we have experienced employees to print and install your boat wraps! Check us out at altiusgraphics.com or call us (832) 500-5160 to request a quote now!

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