Vehicle Wraps for Marketing

Producing more leads with a smaller budget is beneficial to marketers and vinyl is a great medium to achieve that outcome. Here are reasons why marketing clients turn to Altius Graphics for vehicle wraps.

This promotion runs around-the-clock, 24/7.

In contrast to paid advertisements seen on radio, television, social media, or pay-per-click search engines, vehicle or car wraps target viewers around the clock. Vehicle wraps have visibility even when the car is parked in the company’s parking lot or on the street. Research shows that the lowest commercial cost for Per-Eye-Contact is Vehicle or Automobile Wrap.

Reach Target Audience on Their Turf

A key opportunity for a wrapped vehicle is driving into a target market. For instance, Bens & Jerry’s recently had an ice cream van covered by Altius to promote their business at the 2023 South By Southwest Festival. SXSW Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Truck Calls Out Oil Companies for Carbon Pollution – Eater Austin. You may target your marketing directly to your target market or increase the campaign’s reach using car wraps.

Vehicle Fleet Automobile Wrap is a Marketing Budget Friendly

Fleet vehicle wrapping is an affordable marketing option. One can choose between “full wrap,” “partial wrap,” or even just a logo and typography, depending on need and budget.

It is simple to add visual coupons, QR Code links, seasonal or introductory offers, etc. to vehicle graphics. A comparative comparison of two different service geographies—one with vehicle wraps and the other without—using vehicle graphics and wraps is possible.

Portable Billboards

With vehicle wraps, regular cars become mobile billboards that advertise to potential clients wherever they go. This advertisement can reach every neighborhood, even in residential and commercial areas where billboards are not visible. Wrapped vehicles are the ultimate guerrilla marketing solution.

Visual Appeal

A picture is worth a thousand words, so use the least costly form of visual advertising to convey your message.