Unbeatable Vinyl: Your Go-To for Outdoor Branding All Year Long

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vinyl graphics for walls

When it comes to outdoor branding, especially with custom auto wraps, window clings, wall graphics, vinyl printing, and window signage, finding the correct material that will withstand the environment is critical. That’s where vinyl comes in. Vinyl is a superhero of durability and versatility! ALTIUS frequently claims that vinyl lasts longer than other materials, but let’s break down why vinyl’s your best bet for tough outdoor executions. 

1. Vinyl is Durable 

vinyl graphics for walls

It takes on rain, sun, and snow, keeping your brand looking sharp and fresh through it all. ALTIUS applies a UV Transparent Overlaminate to protect the digital print color and provide a longer life. 

2. Vinyl Variety

Vinyl provides a menu of alternatives! Want something see-through for a window cling or a heavy-duty tough wrap to protect your vehicle? Vinyl comes in a wide variety of formats that will meet your needs without breaking the bank. In addition to being one-directional, perforated vinyl offers several other benefits including meeting municipal government requirements and allowing enough light to pass through. 

Vehicle Vinyl Wrap

3. Ink Brilliance 

Vinyl Signage

Top-notch inks and vinyl combine like magic. See how these inks transform creative thoughts into colorful, eye-catching designs on vinyl surfaces, no matter the weather. With the advancement of technology, a plethora of ecologically friendly and weather-resistant inks are now available for digital printing, providing a long-lasting visual appeal.  

4. Why is vinyl so cool? 

Vinyl is more than just a material; it’s your hidden weapon for outdoor branding. Its adaptability and toughness make it the ideal choice for transforming boring spaces into eye-catching experiences. 

Outdoor Vinyl Wrap

So, whether you’re jazzing up your wheels with a fantastic wrap or transforming your storefront, vinyl will exceed your needs and expectations. It’s strong, adaptable, and your ticket to making your brand shine. 

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