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Wayfinding Sign

Wayfinding Signage FAQ

We see wayfinding signs everywhere! At the airport, in shopping malls, grocery stores, you name it! But have you ever wondered about the aspects of wayfinding signs? How they were made or the specifications? Well, today we will be diving into the top 5 most asked questions over this topic!

wayfinding signage
Engraved Wayfinding Sign by ALTIUS

Question 1 – What are wayfinding signs?

Wayfinding refers to info systems that guide people through an environment such as an office building or hospital. It helps enhance their understanding and experience of that particular space.

Question 2 – What are they used for?

Wayfinding is very important when someone finds themselves in a complex area where it might be confusing to know where you are. You will find wayfinding signage in urban centers, transportation facilities, campuses, etc. As more architectural environments become more complex, we need visual cues or symbols in order to keep us on the right track.

Question 3 – What are the specifications?

The main idea for wayfinding is for it to be easy to comprehend. You want to use typography that is easy to read and pictograms that are simply correlated with the area in which you are putting the sign. Most signs use Helvetica font due to its simplicity and readability. When choosing a color, go for contrasting colors so the text will stand out against the background. You may also want to use color-coded signs in more complex buildings so it is easily identifiable.

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by Pexels

Question 4 – Are they the same in every country?

When doing research for this article, I too was interested in learning about wayfinding signs in different countries. Wayfinding by nature does take place in every country and while there are some similarities, there are many differences as well. Icons and symbols are recognized worldwide, but the design elements are different. For example, tourist attractions must create signage that helps those who come from a variety of backgrounds. So heavy use of symbols helps to overcome that language barrier.

Question 5 – How can I improve my wayfinding system?

Regardless of whether you have a complex building structure or a relatively small area, you should always think about the placement of your wayfinding. Similar to ADA signs, you want to put them in a place where people can easily read them. SO stay away from areas that are rarely in use by the public or space where it is difficult for people to find them. A good rule of thumb is to ask your employees about where these signs should be, as they do walk in and out of the office constantly.

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