Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Business Signage

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Business Signs

What makes a good business sign?

There are many factors that go into designing signage to attract potential customers to your business.  One key element is how effective your logo is. Making sure you have a simple yet unique logo that visually demonstrates the type of business you are, helps people better understand your purpose.

Elements of your Logo

Color: Having a color scheme that you use across all graphics and logos will help make your business easily identifiable. For example: When you see the colors yellow and red, what instantly comes to mind? Most people would answer McDonald’s, which is well known for its eye-catching, bright yellow “M” when driving on highways.

Engraved SIgn

Font: When thinking about the font, you want to make sure you’re using types that are accessible and easy to read. Fonts that are generally more script and artsy are harder for passers-by to read. But also making sure that your types are just unique enough in itself to be a statement on its own.

Images and Graphics: Adding your logo or any image that correlates to your business will surely bring more attention to the signs that you put up. Adding a border to your signages will help people pay attention to the text that is put in the center of your sign.

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Crim & Villalpando Monument Sign

Types of signs

Another thing to consider when choosing signs for your business is the materials used. The type of material you use, depends on how long you plan on keeping the sign up. Getting durable and long-lasting materials such as vinyl, metal, and wood-based materials. 3D logos for your indoor area are a great example of this.

 If you are looking for outside placement, a good investment would be monument signage. These free-standing signs are usually made from concrete, marble, brick, or stone; these are durable materials for inclement weather.


Not only should you worry about the materials being used for your signs, the location in which these signs will go should be one of your top priorities! Being in the busy Metropolitan city that is Houston, you have plenty of places to choose from. One example would be any major highways/freeways. Getting in touch with the traffic department will give you great insight into what roads and highways are the busiest.

If you’re looking for signage design and installation to give your business the advertising it deserves, make sure to reach out to ALTIUS Graphics. We have the experience and knowledge to bring you high-quality signs and graphics. Give us a call at (832) 500-5160 and check out our website to get more info on our services and products!  


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