The Benefits of ALTIUS Graphics Wall Wraps

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Wall Wraps

Wall wraps are one of the most satisfying types of printing services we offer at our sign shop. While many of the other projects we’re involved in are information-based and economic (i.e., advertising), wall wraps allow us to express our artistic side. Sure, every project we work on involves making things look nice, but wall wraps can truly transform a space. 

You may be wondering what wall wraps are and how they can make your space more enjoyable. Let’s look at the options ALTIUS Graphics have for you and why you should consider them. 

What Exactly Are Wall Wraps?

Wall wraps are a low-cost way to decorate a space, whether it’s a retail store or an office space. Some describe them as large stickers that adhere to walls to add visual interest. While wall wraps can certainly go around corners, the wrap portion is not required. They are, however, an excellent choice for curved partitions. 

Wall wraps are frequently made of vinyl, though the materials used can vary depending on the location of the stickers (in direct sunlight, indoor/outdoor) and the texture of the surface to which they are applied (textured wall, window). 

Wall Wraps Can Be Custom-Made

Wall wraps can be prefabricated or made to order to fit a specific space. When you order something custom, it will be exactly the right size for your wall. When it is properly sized, you will never have to worry about awkward empty spaces that can occur with premade wraps.  

Another reason to get custom wall wraps is that they can be designed to perfectly match your business. ALTIUS Graphics can create vinyl wall decals with your company’s name that can be applied to doors or anywhere else in the building. This always keeps your brand in front of customers. 

Set The Tone

It is not required that your logo be included. Many businesses will decorate with wall wraps to set the tone for their customers. Palm trees and beaches may be stylized in a spa. Restaurants can use the food they specialize in to decorate. 

Of course, retailers aren’t the only ones who want to set the tone. For those who work in an office, plain white walls — or walls of any single color — can be a monotonous work environment. Using wall wraps to liven up the walls can be a low-cost way to decorate in a new way. Because wall wraps can be as personalized as you want them to be, they make the space stand out and increase employee interest in the company. 

Modify Things

As previously stated, the type of wall wrap you want is determined by a few factors. One factor is the type of wall it will be mounted on. However, you must also consider how long you want the wrap to last. If it’s for office decoration, you’ll probably want it to last as long as possible. If it’s purely decorative, such as the color of paint you chose, you’ll want to get your money’s worth. 

Wall wraps are also used as a temporary form of decoration at times. This is especially true for retailers interested in seasonal offerings. Some stickers can be used year after year if they are properly cared for. These are most commonly found on windows. Speaking of windows… 

Don’t Forget About The Windows!

Windows are a popular location for wall wraps. They can be seasonal, as just discussed. They can be used to promote products that appear only infrequently. They’re also a popular way to notify people when you’re having a sale. 

It’s Less Expensive Than a Mural

A custom paint job can be very nice, and we have nothing against any local artists who offer full-wall murals. However, murals can be costly, putting them out of reach for many businesses. (Unfortunately, they also take a long time and can leave a lingering new-paint odor.)  

Wall wraps can be an inexpensive way to spruce up any space. They’re an excellent choice for creating an inviting environment in offices, retail stores, and even homes.  

Why not collaborate with Action Signs if you’re looking for a unique way to enliven your space? ALTIUS Graphics will work with you to find something that looks fantastic at an affordable price. 

We’d like to know you better so we can serve you better.