The 6 Point Process for Effective Advertising

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Business Growth

Throughout many companies, each employs their own theory or process of how they conduct business with their clients. Being able to pinpoint the needs and wants of the client, while also keeping an open and healthy and reliable dialogue between specific sectors of the company, can help improve the quality and timeliness of projects.

Today, we will highlight our 6-point process, also known as “BDMPIW”. You might be wondering, ‘What could that acronym possibly stand for?’. Well, you are in luck! We will be breaking each letter down to help you better understand how this process works.

ALTIUS 6 Point Process

BDMPIW Stands for:

  • Brainstorming With Customer
  • Effective Visual Design
  • Appropriate Media Selection
  • Print Optimization
  • Productive Installation
  • Assured Warranty

Now, let’s break these concepts down:


All good products must come from a good idea. Getting together with your client to work through a good brainstorming session can help bring out some great concepts to put down on paper. Visual communication is an integral part of advertising, so being able to communicate your ideas and services in a simple yet interesting way can help bring in more consumers.

Some things to think about when brainstorming with clients is the message they want to send, who their target demographic is, and where they want their business to go in the future. Mapping out these processes can help better identify what kind of advertisement you want to invest in.

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Photo by Startup Stock Photos from Pexels


As previously stated, Visual communication is an integral part of marketing and advertising. If your potential customers cannot identify what you are trying to sell, how will you be able to grow and expand your business?  When it comes to design, being able to pinpoint areas that need to be simplified can be tough, so we will be breaking down a few key principles to design.

  • Focal points

Where are we wanting to draw attention to for potential customers? Is it the logo? Text? Figuring that out will help determine the placement of your design. Using the rule of thirds, taking something like a simplistic logo and centering it on the side of a vehicle graphic wrap, can draw more attention to people passing by on the road. Or, using specific lettering or your logo that stands out on a wall decal will draw more attention as well.

  • Contrast

When designing a wall decal, floor graphic, or custom wrap, being able to use contrasting elements will increase the number of people looking at your advertisement. This can be achieved through complementary colors, texture, and type styling. Stay away from muted tones such as beige and gray, as that can more easily blend in with your design.

  • Balance

One major important thing to consider when designing is balance. You want equal distribution of visual balance to communicate who you are and what you do. No, this doesn’t necessarily mean that everything has to be symmetrical. Sometimes asymmetry can really help improve the flow of your design. The visual balance will ensure the viewer’s eyes will continue to look throughout the entire design, without getting distracted.


According to Wikipedia, “Advertising Media Selection is the process of choosing the most efficient media for an advertisement campaign”. There is a range of factors to consider when looking for the right selection of media. Some may include:

  • Target audience
  • Price Range
  • Location

Are you looking to promote your business to a local target audience? Consider public transit as an opportunity to advertise your product or service.  Investing in a window or vinyl decals for public transportation can help increase traffic to your website or place of business, especially if you are in an area of business that is in high demand.

In huge cities such as Houston or Austin, you are bound to find a diverse set of individuals to target in advertisements. Having window clings, or frosted vinyl decals on the outer windows of your shop or business can help drive in foot traffic.


You may be asking yourself, what is print optimization? Simply put, it is the ability to optimize printing devices to reduce pricing and environmental waste. Implementing print optimization can help save your business 20-30% on printing expenses; using the right software can help speed up print processes as well.

plotter large format printer printer canvas
Photo by PxFuel


SAM 5164
ALTIUS Graphics in-house vehicle wrap installation

 Installing certain signages and wraps can be very time-consuming but looking for the right type of material can help cut down on the amount of installation time. For example, 3M is one of the top brands in commercial solutions. Their wrap films are ultra-versatile and are used for just about anything.  These Wrap films prove to be a faster installation process compared to other competitors and can speed up your vinyl decal or fleet wrap exponentially.


Knowing that the advertising materials you spent good money on will last, is something that many business owners think about. Showing the durability and high-quality prints being made for custom vinyl and decal should be able to hold up through inclement weather or long trips on the road. Most materials being used for signages or wraps last for at least 5 years, giving much relief to many businesses.

Following this 6-point process can help you get the most out of your advertising graphics and materials. Here at ALTIUS, we follow this 6-point structure in order to maintain a strong relationship and trust in our clients. For more information on our products, please visit us at


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