Stop Paying Too Much for ADA Braille Signs By Knowing Details

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ADA braille signs

ADA braille signs are used to direct people to emergency exits, restrooms, and, of course, rooms. ALTIUS Graphics aid in directing guests/customers into and around your workspace. To best serve all of your guests/customers, make sure your business building, office, workspace, and home has ADA-compliant ADA braille signs. This way, you can make it easier and safer for visitors with visual impairments to navigate your establishment. 

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ADA Braille Signs Requirements

The ADA compliance guidelines are frequently updated. It’s critical to follow these guidelines not only to avoid potential lawsuits but also to provide guests with the best possible experience, regardless of their disability. 

Here are the 2019 ADA signs guidelines you should be aware of to ensure your location meets all of the requirements. ADA braille signs must be placed on the same side of the door as the latch/handle to begin. Sign characters should be 48-60 inches off the ground, and the sign should be placed so that people can stand and read it without impeding the door. 

Other critical ADA braille signs guidelines to be aware of are:

  • Surface that does not reflect light 
  • Background and lettering contrast 
  • Braille signs must be all uppercase 
  • The font used must be sans-serif 
  • Letters must be between 5/8 and 2 inches tall, with rounded dots rather than squared dots 

By adhering to these ADA braille signage guidelines, you can ensure that your place is in compliance with the law and meets the accessibility needs of those with visual impairments. 

High-Quality, Yet Affordable ADA Braille Signs by ALTIUS Graphics 

  • Braille Door Number Signs 
  • Deluxe ADA Braille Door Number Plates 
  • Custom ADA Braille Door Number Plates Series
  • High-rise ADA Braille Room Number Sign 
  • Villa ADA Braille Room Number Sign 
  • Horizon ADA Braille Room Number Sign 
  • Round ADA Braille Room Number Sign 

Look no further than ALTIUS Graphics for all of your ADA braille signs. We have a large selection of ADA-compliant signs that will ensure your location complies with ADA regulations and is accessible to all types of guests. 

We’d like to know you better so we can serve you better.