Signs That Guide Us: Understanding Interior Signage in Texas

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Interior Wayfinding Signage

Interior Signage or Indoor signs are everywhere. Whether you’re exploring Austin’s bustling streets, tasting BBQ in Dallas, or roaming the River Walk in San Antonio, signs tell us what’s going on.  At ALTIUS Graphics, we produce all types of indoor signage for every need. The most common types of indoor signage are: 

1. Navigators

These unsung heroes of our bustling cities silently guide us through shopping malls, hospitals, airports, and many other places, making our lives easier and more enjoyable. Wayfinding is the industry term for sign that provide directional information. Next time you’re out, notice all the arrows, room numbers, room identification and directional signage. Imagine your indoor space without these navigators. 

2. The Art of Information

Interior signage is not just useful; it is also art. Designers combine aesthetics and functionality to produce visually appealing signs that speak to Texas’ diverse culture. Nothing creates a greater sense of branding and identity for a physical space than the interior signage that shares the story of the brand. From rustic Texan charm to the clean, modern design of Houston corporate headquarters, signs immediately help us understand the style of the space… and the soul of the brand.

3. Wayfinding Made Simple

Have you ever been lost in a Texas-sized mall? Everyone has been there. Discover the secrets of successful wayfinding through interior signage and how it keeps you from getting lost in those maze-like shopping malls. 

4. Branding and Identity

Learn how interior signage may help a company’s image and identity, from the rustic Texan charm of small shops to the clean, modern design of Houston corporate headquarters. 

5. Accessibility Matters

Texas prides itself on being an inclusive state. As spaces have become increasingly more inclusive,  interior signage has become an ever more important part in maintaining accessibility for all residents, regardless of ability.  

6. The Future of Interior Signage

Get a sneak peek into the future of interior signage, where cutting-edge technology like augmented reality and smart signs are revolutionizing the way, we navigate indoor spaces in Texas.  

Interior signage may go undetected, but it’s an essential part of our lives, making our daily journeys smoother and more enjoyable. Interior signage, from aesthetics to accessibility and everything in between, exemplifies the Lone Star State’s commitment to innovation and diversity. So, the next time you stroll through a mall or navigate a congested airport, take a moment to notice the artistry and functionality of the inside signage that make it all possible. 

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