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Matte Vs Glossy Business Sign

I’m sure you’ve heard this question dozens of times, maybe when printing photos at Walgreen’s or in the checkout phase on VistaPrint: Matte or Glossy? These both have benefits and their downsides. Did you know that you were able to choose your finish for most types of business sign too? So, what is the difference between the two? And what are their advantages?

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Custom Signs by ALTIUS Graphics
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Matte Sign by ALTIUS Graphics


Matte finishes are flat and soft looking – and work well for muted tones and images. How do we get a matte print? Well, the paper or substrate is ‘baked in’. The matte finish is achieved when the substrate receives a chemical coating during the manufacturing process. It also affects the smoothness of the image and material.

Some advantages to matte finishes:

–          Avoiding fingerprints – this is the best choice when your signage is in high traffic, easy to reach the place. If your signs are ion malls, children are likely to press their fingers against them.

–          Reflection – unlike with gloss, matte doesn’t have an image or light glare, meaning you will be able to read the sign from any part of the area that is displayed.

–          Write-ability – if this sign was specifically created for people to write on, matte is the perfect material to do so. If you were creating business cards, you wouldn’t have to worry about an ink smudge

glossy custom banner
Glossy Custom banner by ALTIUS Graphics


Glossy finishes are bright and visually pop out at you. – when thinking gloss, choosing this finish works well with high-contrast images and colors. Similar to matte, gloss finishes are creating by baking in the finish after coating it during the manufacturing process. You can also get an extra coat added for a thicker glossy texture.

Some advantages of glossy finishes are:

–          Vivid colors – your images will literally burst with vibrant and beautiful colors, juicy reds, and sunny yellows! This is great when selecting a finish for a vehicle wrap, that way more people will see your company’s name and logo

–          Low light – this is great when setting up signs in a low lit area. They are easily read and seen even when it turns to dusk.

–          Think luxurious – a glossy look feels expensive and luxurious, attracting others to your business. It also gives you that modern feel as well.

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