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ALTIUS is a team of professionals with collectively more than five decades of industry experience. We form this team to provide a different flavor of customer service in this large format print & signage industry. We operate very differently than a typical old-fashioned sign manufacturing company. We behave as a strategic partner to the customer’s visual communication roadmap. Together we set to win.

The management team has experience in a sign store for more than a decade. With this vast industry experience, we innovate new business processes to improve productivity. We focus on achieving high-quality outputs, the use of quality and reputed manufacturing materials, and the use of technology to improve the timeline of production and thus minimize the cost of production. Together we try to bring the cost down and pass the benefit to the customer.


The management team has also extensive experience in Marketing & Information technology. We use IT tools to automate business processes, and that helps in the reduction of time & cost. With versatile marketing management experience, we understand the need of customers in this ever-changing digital world. And this using modern tools of the internet and mobile we make our customers happy and completely satisfied.


Siddartha Nayak is the president of ALTIUS Graphics and handles customer relations.


The team at ALTIUS is dedicated to serve each customer in a personalized way, and bring value to partnership with the customer. We truly believe the customer is our major stakeholder in business success.


Britt altius graphics team memberalyssa altius graphics team member

Britt is our senior sales representative            Alyssa is our Social Media Marketing Specialist