Making the Most out of Holiday Banners

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Holiday Banners

4 Reasons Why you Should get A Banner for Your Business

It is officially the holiday season, filled with fuzzy coats and hot chocolate. And don’t forget all of the great holiday deals! With so many sales goings-on past Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you may be wondering what the best way would be to advertise your current and ongoing sales. Of course, social media marketing helps, but there is only so much that you can do; especially if you’re on a tight budget.

Physical advertising is a great way to get your business name out there! Banners are an effective way for those who are passing by your business location, especially if there’s heavy foot traffic in your area. There are many sizes and styles of banners to choose from, but we will be listing the top 4 reasons why you should consider getting a banner this holiday season!

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Create Brand Awareness

          As a local business owner, creating and establishing brand awareness for your company or organization is key to gaining more clients currently. Designing a banner that fits your company’s ideals and needs is a perfect way to gain more foot traffic to your location. Consider using a banner to highlight who you are and what you do. With simple taglines to showcase what your brand is all about. Adding in your logo will also help people connect to your business more easily, studies have shown that consistent brand representation increases revenue by 23%.

They are Cost Effective

          Compared to other forms of outdoor signage, banners are relatively inexpensive. If you are in charge of marketing for your company, then you know how costly it can be to spend money on online and offline advertisements. Adding in the cost of PPC, you might feel like you cannot spend any more on outdoor signage. According to a study done by Hochman Consultants, investing in a banner is only a third of what you’d be investing in Pay Per Click Advertisements.

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Curvas y Copas Banner by ALTIUS Graphics

Banners are Versatile

          Indoor, outdoor, near the ceiling or floor, banners are versatile in a way that you can place them almost everywhere! As stated earlier, hanging a banner outside of your business can help gain more foot traffic, but what if you own a shop or business that has different departments? Using a festive banner to showcase where your sale items are can help customers find them more easily. Since you can print banners bigger than wayfinding signs, you have more of a chance to get people to notice the products you are selling.

They are Durable in Inclement Weather

            Worried about the effects rain or sunlight would have on a banner? Well, you’re not the only one. When considering using any sort of signage, one has to think about all the possible effects weather can have on them. Banners are more durable than any plastic or cloth material and are tear-resistant and weather-proof. Vinyl material is the perfect way to keep your banner lasting longer and is cost-effective. There is also the option to use UV-resistant ink which helps keep your design from fading or deteriorating.

Interested in getting a holiday banner for your business? Make sure to contact us at or call (832) 500-5160 to get 10% off Holiday banners from now until December 27th!

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