Magnetic vs. Vinyl Vehicle Graphics 

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Vinyl Vehicle Graphics

Any business marketing plan must have a critical component for getting your brand recognised in the public. The easiest approach for both small and large businesses to be seen while travelling is through company vehicle branding. It can be one of your company’s most powerful marketing tools if done right. 

Important company information is shown on vehicle decals and vehicle signwriting, which helps increase brand awareness and lead generation. What kind of vehicle graphics is ideal to utilise is the crucial question. A magnetic or vinyl vehicle graphics? Find out which choice, in our opinion, is the best by reading the advantages and disadvantages of both below. 

Vinyl Vehicle Graphics

You commute to work every day in your vehicle and will do so for many years to come. So, it’s crucial that you pick a durable vehicle branding option. A vinyl vehicle graphics is a highly efficient remedy. Simple vehicle decals with company information are available. If you’re on a tight budget, you can obtain elaborate vehicle wrapping with complete branding or just partial vehicle wraps. Go large with vibrant vehicle decals of your company’s emblem. There are numerous choices. 

We at ALTIUS Graphics create high-quality vehicle graphics using durable vinyl that are guaranteed to change the way your vehicle looks. To extend the longevity of your vinyl vehicle graphics, we laminate all of our printed vinyl vehicle graphics. You don’t have to be concerned about your vehicle sign fading in the sun or falling off over time. The benefits and drawbacks of vinyl vehicle graphics are listed below. 

Advantages of vinyl vehicle graphics 

  • A dependable branding strategy is using vehicle graphics. 
  • Once installed, vinyl vehicle signwriting requires little upkeep. 
  • Any area of the vehicle can be covered with vinyl wraps and decals. 
  • Vinyl signage makes it simple to create high-impact graphic designs. 
  • Vehicle branding is simple to take off and replace.

The drawbacks of vinyl vehicle graphics

Once removed, vinyl vehicle signwriting cannot be reinstalled. 

Magnetic Signage 

When opposed to putting a vinyl signage to your vehicle, fitting a magnetic sign is thought to be the less permanent choice. Compared to vinyl signs, it’s more difficult to create designs that seem attractive because of the limited areas of the vehicle you can apply them to. With a magnetic sign, you may remove it whenever you want so that your vehicle isn’t always identified as a business vehicle. But another drawback of magnetic signs is how simple it is to take them down. The benefits and drawbacks of magnetic signage are listed below. 

Advantages of magnetic signs 

  • These are simple to take out of your vehicle. 
  • Enables you to drive your own vehicle less frequently because you may take the sign down when you’re not working. 
  • Can be removed from one vehicle and put back on another. 

Magnetic indicators have drawbacks 

  • Can only be used on a flat area of the vehicle. 
  • Easily removed from your vehicle, making them a target for theft. 
  • The magnetic sign needs to be cleaned since over time, water and debris might accumulate there. 

Vinyl vehicle graphics are the undisputed champion.

We have contrasted the two primary categories of vehicle graphics signs. We considered both’s benefits and drawbacks. There is only one definite victor. vinyl signage for vehicles. Vinyl is the greatest material to use for your vehicle branding in terms of strength and design options. Once installed, our vinyl vehicle signs are durable and don’t need to be maintained. Even though they may be removed with ease, magnetic signage just cannot compete with vinyl ones. Do you desire a vinyl vehicle sign? Get in touch with us right away to begin generating more inbound leads.  

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