Interior Wall Graphics for Hospitals

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Why Choose Them?

When you think of a hospital setting, what pops into your mind? For me, it is white walls and a sanitized smell. The atmosphere is far from calming. Now more than ever, people have been in and out of hospitals, increasing the traffic and creating more work for healthcare professionals. Many people are sitting in waiting rooms, nervous about the ‘what-ifs’ and hoping they and their loved ones are safe.

The idea of staring at a blank wall while waiting for your turn to see a doctor sounds awful, and that’s why adding some wall graphics or wallpaper to waiting rooms and other walls of hospital facilities should be heavily considered.

Why interior wall graphics? Well, as I said earlier, it might help give patients something to look at while they are waiting. Consider the idea of staring at a colorful wall decal with a positive tagline or slogan, that could help lift people up and make them feel calmer. Also, think about the stark contrast between the dull white or gray walls, against the fun yellow or red designs.

Adding in wall graphics in spaces designated for healthcare workers can help boost morale as well. Giving words of encouragement, and a calming design to help them have a chance to breathe for a second in between taking care of multiple patients. It is particularly important that we help our healthcare professionals as well since they are putting so much effort into helping their communities.

Wall decals are also removable and easily replaceable. Creating a small decal to put on your wall for a temporary amount of time could be the best idea. The vinyl materials are easy to put up and keep walls from being damaged while removing them. There are many different shapes and sizes that you can choose from when considering a wall graphic. These can be custom printed and cut for whatever space you need it on.

Custom wallpaper and graphics are also more cost-effective compared to painting your walls or commissioning someone to paint a design for you. Installing the graphic or wall décor can be faster to print/install and can cut down on the amount of time the installers will be on location.

ALTIUS Graphics is proficient and highly skilled in installing custom wall graphics and wallpaper in the Greater Houston Area. Our employees take all necessary precautions and where PPE in and out of the office to ensure the safety of others. For inquiries, please visit us at or call our office at (832) 500-5160

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