Interesting Facts About Truck Graphics Houston

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Truck Graphics Houston

Truck Graphics Houston is about how long you have to attempt to persuade someone who is stopped at a red light or walking past your truck to recognise what you do, decide if they need you, and if they do, how to contact you. 

It has been demonstrated that fleet vehicle wraps and car wrap graphics help your marketing efforts. The American Trucking Association (ATA) claims: 

  • 91% of people pay attention to the text and images on fleet cars. 
  • When car graphics are applied, 75% of people have a positive view of them. 
  • 29% of people base their purchasing decisions on fleet visuals impressions 

Don’t just use your truck to transport you and your equipment. Make your truck a moving billboard and brand ambassador by getting it wrapped! Wraps have been shown to increase sales, so your vehicles are now working just as hard as your staff. 

Uncertain of this concept? Consider these crucial factors of a vehicle wrap:

A wrapped vehicle serves as a permanent billboard for your company’s brand.

Truck wraps are essentially mobile billboards. Whenever you travel, your vehicle promotes your business and your message. Every month, literally thousands of people will view your truck. Actually, according to the Transportation Advertising Council, vehicle advertising produces 30,000 to 70,000 daily impressions! People travel 300 miles each week on average, making outdoor advertising like truck wraps incredibly successful. 

You don’t necessarily need to completely wrap your truck to make a point.

There are some really cool trucks out there that have fantastic graphics all over them. They can produce a memorable image when the design is perfect, but a clever partial wrap design can make effective use of the most noticeable portions of your truck to make a significant impact, as well. A pickup’s partial cover for NEP Construction has a straightforward design that stands out. You can find more examples in our gallery. 

A cost-effective marketing investment is truck graphics.

Let’s simply calculate. Consider spending $2,500 on a truck wrap. Your investment will be $69.44 each month if it lasts for 3 years, as most wrap vinyl is rated for 5+ years (lifetime varies). Your brand gets presented to 1,000 impressions for $1.74 per month, assuming a very cautious 2,000 impressions every business day or 40,000 impressions per month (other companies claim 30 to 70 impressions per day, but let’s keep it real!). Every time someone looks at your truck, that amounts to less than $0.00001. No other form of advertising has such a wide audience, leaves such an impact, and is so inexpensive! 

The finance for a new purchase or lease can include truck wraps.

Some lenders will include the full or the cost of your wrap in your upfront expenses so it is just included in your monthly payment. However, you’ll need a solid plan in place in advance to ensure that the complete cost is appropriately projected for the job. 

For the installation of your vehicle wrap, you don’t need to abandon your truck for several days.

When we speak with some truck owners, they worry about having to leave their vehicles unattended for a number of days while a wrap is fitted. Even a full wrap can typically be installed from start to finish in a couple of days. There’s no need to arrange the installation of your wrap at the price of your business’s efficiency. 

ALTIUS Graphics will assist you in locating a solution for your particular requirements, whether you are searching for a truck wrap, fleet graphics, or any other type of vehicle branding. If you’d like to discuss your project, give us a call at 832-500-5160. Instead, if you’d like, just send us an email at

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