FLOOR DECALS – An Innovative Advertising Solution

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Floor Decals

Walk down any street, in the mall, store of office, the floor beneath your feet has become  a  new dimension  for brand promotion. Floor decals also called floor graphics are an effective and powerful medium to get your brand message  to your target audience.

ALTIUS Graphics serves as a one-stop destination for all types of vinyl decals, assisting businesses in creating customized floor decals to achieve their marketing goals.

Benefits of floor decals

  • Floor decals or floor graphics have a wide range of applications. From indoor flooring to outdoor asphalt and concrete, their versatility and adaptability makes them an excellent option.
  • Affordable, easy to install and maintain, floor decals prove suitable for both short-term and long-term marketing campaigns.
  • One reason the  floor has become a popular advertising media is that it is in the direct line of sight of people using their mobile devices.

Using floor decals for advertising success

  • 79% of Americans are on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. floor decals can grab attention and drive users to instantly connect with the brand online. This encourages them to learn more about offers, go to the website and like, follow and share their social media..
  • Floor decals are extremely powerful for event promotion. Graphic ads can be placed on sidewalks, parking lots and both outside and inside the venue, giving participants information about the event.
  • Need sales? Floor decals are the best way to drive targeted sales. Whether in shopping centers , malls or stand-alone stores these visually appealing vinyl stickers can be used  to announce promotions and entice passersby to “come on in!”
  • Floor decals make for great directional signage. In large spaces, they can  show users the way to go; to guide the flow of traffic. In small spaces such as tradeshows or boutiques, floor graphics assist in directing shoppers to specific sections within the store.

Marketers and consumers are increasingly turning to floor decals as a unique and distinct medium to engage with potential customers.

For business owner looking to enhance their indoor and outdoor space with stunning eye-catching custom floor decals, reach out to ALTIUS Graphics today. Our studio in Houston, Texas will collaborate with you in executing innovative customized floor decals that meet your business needs.

We’d like to know you better so we can serve you better.