Elements to include in your Vehicle Wrap Graphics

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Vehicle wraps are the most proper method for promoting your small business venture and generating awareness. Nonetheless, the design and graphics of your vehicle wrap play a vital role in its effectiveness. Accordingly, while planning your vehicle wrap, it is fundamental to incorporate all the important information about the product and services. The vehicle wrap concept should reflect the utilization of your vehicle and objective of your business. Once this information has been determined, you can proceed with designing your vehicle wrap. Here are some significant elements we suggest incorporating into the design concept.

IMG 8406

Name and Logo

Including your organization’s name and logo in your wrap design is fundamental, as it makes you stand apart from your competitors. Try to avoid using a small logo, and make sure it contrasts the background for easy visibility.


Assuming you have thought about a slogan or tagline for your business, make sure to include this text in your design concept. In any case, ensure that the tagline is short and direct, since long taglines can be challenging to read and remember.

Contact Details and Website Address

Since your vehicle is portable, you might want to incorporate a telephone number and web address that is easily readable. Including contact details is crucial, so that potential customers can contact you for more information about your product or service.

Other Information

You can incorporate additional information and design elements into your vehicle wrap, such as social media icons, listed achievements, etc.

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