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ALTIUS Graphics offers wayfinding Signage services to clients in a variety of industries. In this article, we will provide some pointers to assist you in developing an effective wayfinding Signage system. 

Use the KISS Principle for Efficient Wayfinding Signage

Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS) is a popular design principle. According to the principle, most systems perform best when they are kept simple, and complications are avoided. 

Simplicity is essential in navigation systems. The design should prioritize readability, and important information should be presented in a clear and concise manner. To create a clear visual environment, it is best to keep your wayfinding Signage systems simple and avoid unnecessary elements. 

Consistency is essential for an effective wayfinding Signage experience, as is ensuring that all signs have the same design. Consistently use the same colors, shapes, fonts, and symbols so that people can easily identify them and understand that they are wayfinding signs. 

Create a distinct identity for each location. 

A good navigation system assists the navigator in successfully moving information from his current location to the final destination. The navigator must be able to easily process information and answer the questions “Where am I?” and “Which way am I facing?” at all times. 

 One of the most important best wayfinding Signage practices is to provide each location with a distinct perceptual identity so that navigators can easily locate themselves in the larger picture by associating with their immediate surroundings. The core wayfinding Signage principle is to assist visitors in quickly regaining their position and orientation. 

Make Well-Structured Paths for Your Wayfinding Signage Navigation System 

Paths must meet certain criteria in order to be considered well-structured. The most important feature of a structured path is that it leads you to your destination without getting you lost in the process. The navigator should be able to easily navigate between points thanks to the signs. Users must be able to determine how far they are from their destination and track their progress as they move. 

By displaying the right information, at the right time, and in the right place, well-structured paths and strategically placed signs remove confusion and give visitors more control over the process. 

Use Your Creativity in Wayfinding Signage System Design 

Wayfinding signage systems do not have to be boring or dry in order to be simple and user-friendly. By incorporating a little creativity, you can increase the interactivity and usability of your signs. To maximize your investment, incorporate the colors, fonts, and designs that represent your organization’s brand. 

Directional signs and graphics can be seamlessly incorporated into the decor regardless of how large or small the space is. Maintain an engaging environment to ensure that the signs do their job of reinforcing your organization’s branding with visual consistency. 

Avoid too many navigational options 

Another good practice for wayfinding signage systems is to avoid providing users with too many options. This frequently leads to confusion, which is especially important in hospitals where visitors are already stressed, and having too many options can add to their anxiety and frustration. 

While there may be multiple ways to get from point A to point B, the wayfinding signage system should only show one or a maximum of two routes. Limiting user choice not only prevents confusion, but also allows them to orient themselves to their surroundings more quickly. 

Walk the paths 

To assess the practicality and resourcefulness of your wayfinding signage system, walk the route before the visitors do. This ensures that the routes are well-defined and assists in identifying areas of confusion. Before making your maps public, make sure they are clear.

 Physical accessibility is another important consideration that is frequently overlooked. Make sure that special visitors in wheelchairs can see and read the signs.

 Wayfinding Signage System with ALTIUS Graphics 

ALTIUS Graphics provides wayfinding signage system solutions to businesses in a variety of industries, including shopping malls, theaters, public parks, and healthcare facilities. In addition, we offer several types of wayfinding signage solutions. For more information, please contact us. Let’s have a conversation about a new wayfinding signage system for your facility!

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