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ALTIUS is the one-stop solution for all of your business signage. Our Indoor and Outdoor Signage products and applications will help your business by providing a meaningful and appropriate message that your business needs to communicate visually. We are your perfect partner in visual communication. In indoor signage area, we manufacture and install the following applications: – Logo Signs & Reception Backdrop Wall Signage – Acrylic Signage, Acrylic Photo Murals – Dimensional Lettering – Wall Graphics, Wraps and Murals – Digital Wall Prints – Window Graphics and Signage – Posters – Banners – Wayfinding Signage – ADA Signage – Creative Indoor Graphics – Vinyl Prints – Canvas and Textile Prints We engage with your team, interior designer, architect, and management to bring your business the best custom made signage products reflecting your business theme in the process. We are just a call away. Following are our outdoor signage products & applications: – Monument Signage – Pylon Signage – Building Signage – Business and Storefront Channel Letters – Wayfinding Structural Signage – Window Store Graphics – Wall Graphics – Real Estate Signage – Outdoor Flag – Outdoor Banner – Post signs – LED signage We manufacture business signage here in Houston, Texas and sell all over the United States and North America and will even help to assist outdoor signage permits from city governments.

Transform any space in your Business or office with art and photo wall murals from Murals Your Way. Choose from thousands of works of art, designs or photos. Get the perfect mural wallpaper in any size you need. We will print your wallpaper mural on your choice of our high-quality materials.

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Turn your floors into valuable marketing space by placing durable floor graphics underfoot. Great for airports, grocery stores, discount centers, convention centers, auto dealerships, shopping malls and sporting events, floor graphics communicate your messages in a unique way. Available in custom designs with sizes and shapes to meet your needs, Our floor graphics will stop customers in their tracks.

ALTIUS is the one-stop solution for all your Indoor Graphics & Signage needs. Being a full-service interior graphics design consulting firm, we offer our expertise in designing, manufacturing, and installing of your indoor graphics and signage project. We do wall, window, & floor graphics, posters & banners, 3D creative logos in acrylic, metal, wood & vinyl base, ADA signage, wall murals, digital wide format prints, and many more innovative applications in visual communication.
Creativity is our forte. Be it frosted interior windows, walls or customized visuals, our primary strength is in designing superior quality graphics to attract attention. Along with being eye-catching, our products provide aesthetic pleasure to the beholder with the creation of a comfortable interior with the play of color, hue, tint, and chroma. Partnership with leading architects, corporate interior designers, and construction companies positions ALTIUS among the highest level of service providers in its business arena
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Altius will help your business grow. Banners are the most commonly used to draw immediate viewers attention. Altius will help you designing custom banner. We have a wide range of templates for holiday banners including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, or any of your specific events. We print all types of banners, including fabric, canvas, and vinyl. We typically leave the decision to the customer on their choice of having grommets and hem to reinforce it. Business Banners, Horizontal Banners, Vertical Drop Banners, Retractable Banners, and many more. We are at your service. You Dream, We Design & We Print Banners for you. We promise quality and outstanding design.

Altius will help your business grow. Banners are the most commonly used to draw immediate viewers attention. Altius will help you designing custom banner. We have a wide range of templated for holiday banners for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, or any specific events. We print all types of banner, including fabric, canvas, and vinyl. However, the customer will go for a choice of having grommets, and hem to reinforce it. Business Banner, Horizontal Banner, Vertical Drop Banner, Retractable Banner, and many more. We are at your service. You Dream, We Design & We Print Banner for you. We promise quality and outstanding design.

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Altius Graphics provides eye-catching digital display packages. Invest in our business today for intuitive interactive displays, signage and digital posters and get better return later. Posters are a fast and effective traditional marketing tool that gets the messages out. Whether you are looking for temporary promotions or long-term installations, Altius Graphics offers leading-edge printing technology producing high-quality posters in whatever quantities you want

Do your visitors and customers have to navigate confusing hospital corridors, puzzling office hallways and unfamiliar campuses?
We offer visual communications solutions for wayfinding problems to help eliminate confusion, reduce stress and make your brand more visible. Our visual communications experts use the right mix of innovative sign and graphic solutions to help your visitors reach their destination. Attractive wayfinding solutions are essential for helping people find their way around shopping centers, housing developments, office buildings, retail stores, events and more. Identify your location with monument signs, dimensional letters and architectural signs. Guide people with building and area directories, pictograms and colorful maps. Interact with your audience using digital signs, QR codes and more. The possibilities are endless.
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Channel letter signs are eye-catching and professional, which is why many store owners choose them. You can see channel letter signs used by national brands and chains because they’re an effective component of a brand awareness program. This is why channel letter signage is a common choice for grocery stores, restaurants, and retailers seeking to enhance brand recognition. Channel letter signs have “stopping power,” which is what most clients want. If your client’s business is located on a busy street or in a popular shopping center, they’ll want to stand out from the crowd. Give them the benefit of a sign that attracts thousands of more impressions.


Project your message to the right people at the right time with digital signs. We can help you spread your message with interactive digital displays.
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Pylon Signs are a great way to capture the attention of your audience, this is from their sheer height, making them ideal for drawing attention from passersby, or elevating your signage above obstructions. A uniquely designed pylon sign can have a powerful impact on potential customers. Pylon signs are freestanding structures that can be single-sided or double-sided. Usually supported by one or two poles, these signs are made of aluminum or steel frame with a rigid or flexible face. Pylon signs can be illuminated using LED or fluorescent lamps or left unilluminated. These signs help alert people in search of your business or just passing by where your business is located.

The monument signs can be seen in different buildings and facilities such as schools, churches, and other businesses. These are used to attract people and give an impressive entrance. They also give value to the overall look of each building or facility. Monument signs are free-standing signs which can be made of concrete, metal, stone, brick or marble materials. But more than these materials, a monument sign usually carries the company logo, a business name or any directional information. They can be customized to complement your building signs and give a cohesive experience right from start.
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