Benefits of Using Perforated Window Vinyl

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What is Perforated Vinyl?

One of the best methods to showcase your business is to install perforated vinyl window graphics. Perforated window graphics are often used as an effective way to advertise your business in retail window displays, office buildings, and other commercial spaces.

Perforated vinyl is a type of PVC vinyl with an adhesive back that is perforated with a pattern of round, evenly-spaced holes. It is sometimes referred to as “window perf” or “one-way vision film”. The vinyl comes in a variety of hole configurations. The most commonly used ratios are 70/30, 50/50, and 60/40. These holes are small enough to effectively display high-quality print designs while allowing sunlight through the inside.

What are the Benefits of Perforated Window Vinyl?

  • Versatile: Perforated vinyl is easy to install and can easily be replaced with new graphics at any time.
  • Visibility: Perforated vinyl provides full visibility of graphics from the outside while allowing light inside.
  • Solar Control: The film reflects sunlight away from your interior, which prevents glare and decreases unwanted brightness in your office space.
  • Temperature Control: Perforated vinyl can reflect the sun’s rays and prevent passive heat gain, which will help to keep your building cool and comfortable
  • Privacy: Using perforated vinyl on windows can prevent people from seeing inside your building’s windows from the outside.
  • Weatherproof: Perforated window vinyl is highly resistant to weather conditions, water, and sunlight.

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