5 Best Reasons to Consider ADA Signs and Braille Signs for Room Identification Manufacturers

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ADA Signs and Braille Signs

More than ten million Americans are blind or visually impaired. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has established guidelines for certain types of signs for Houston businesses in order to ensure their comfort and safety. For example, signs indicating exits, bathrooms, and stairwells in public buildings must follow ADA guidelines. 

Furthermore, failing to comply with the ADA can result in fines of up to $75,000 for the first violation and $150,000 for subsequent violations. As a result, business owners should double-check their ADA signage requirements

Fortunately, purchasing custom braille signage does not require advanced knowledge of ADA compliance regulations. ALTIUS Graphics professionals will ensure that your ADA signs are compliant and up to code. 

5 Best Reasons to Consider ADA Signs and Braille Signs

1)They Ensure ADA Compliance

To begin with, ADA office signs do exactly what their name implies: they ensure compliance with ADA rules and regulations. Buildings that are open to the public in any capacity must have certain features in place to allow accessibility for those with disabilities, according to ADA law. This includes signage that meets specific readability criteria. 

Though the requirements for signage vary depending on whether the display is used for directional purposes or to identify a specific space within the building, the safest approach is to create signs that can be seen from a distance. This includes using appropriate colors, text styles, text sizes, images, and other elements. 

When working with an office manager to outfit his or her space with new displays, it’s worth mentioning that installing ADA office signs with such features can greatly reduce the chances of being hit with noncompliance-related fines or lawsuits. 

2)They Create a Welcoming Environment

Along with legal compliance, ADA office signs address another critical issue: the rights and privileges of people with disabilities. All ADA signage must have easy-to-read text and clearly visible images, but some must go a step further by including Braille writing. These features ensure that people with visual impairments can read and understand the information on these displays. 

If the office in question receives a lot of visitors, it’s a good idea for the company to install ADA office signs with raised letters and/or Braille. They can do so by creating a welcoming environment in which visitors feel accepted and at ease. It may even generate some goodwill for the company. 

Furthermore, the addition of such signage can foster a sense of inclusiveness among disabled employees as well as future employees. 

3)Make Your Business Customer Centric

You are actively working to expand your customer base by using ADA-compliant signs. These new customers are also likely to become loyal customers because once a person finds a business that meets their needs, they tend to stick with them. 

More sales and services are provided as the customer base grows. The bottom line is always the most important, and investing in ADA-compliant signs increases the return on investment. ADA-compliant signs do not include logos or store signs, but they do include signs that identify locations, permanent rooms, stairwells, and so on. Making these signs ADA-compliant has no negative impact on other aspects of the business, so it’s a win-win situation. 

4)They can aid in navigation

If a client works in a particularly large building, new employees and visitors may find it difficult to navigate the maze-like structure. That is why office directories and directional signs are so highly recommended. A client’s company can ensure that individuals can find their way around their facility without difficulty by installing such signage. 

When ADA office signs with large, raised text and Braille writing are included, a company can improve navigation for all who enter the building, including those with visual impairments. As previously stated, Braille or raised characters are not required on every sign; however, including such elements on as many signs as possible can make locating a desired room or space much easier. 

Furthermore, ADA office signs that make navigation easier for those unfamiliar with the building can reduce the amount of frustration they might otherwise feel, as well as the amount of time employees spend giving directions. 

5)They can improve interior aesthetics

Many people believe that ADA signage must be boring or conform to strict appearance guidelines. In reality, there is some leeway when it comes to the color and style of such displays. In fact, the existing requirements can simply be incorporated into a design that matches or complements a client’s existing aesthetics. 

When discussing ADA office signs with a client, sign professionals should emphasize how new, compliant signage can actually improve the appearance of their building. A sign professional can create a set of ADA-compliant displays in attractive finishes with the company’s logo and color scheme using the right equipment, design expertise, and ADA knowledge. 

The right signs can not only enhance the appearance of a client’s space but also reinforce the brand image they’ve worked hard to establish. 


There are several reasons why business owners should think about adding ADA office signs to their spaces. It is ultimately the responsibility of the sign professionals tasked with fulfilling such orders to educate their clients on the reasons for this. 

Do you need a sign company to design, manufacture, and install ADA signs? ALTIUS Graphics will collaborate with you to achieve your ADA signage objectives. To get started, call us at 832-500-5160 or request a quote here. 

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