2 Simple Changes that will Extend the Life of Your Vehicle Wrap

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Regular maintenance is the key to prolonging the life span and quality of vehicle wrap. By not upkeeping the vinyl, it will not last the average 5-7 year life span. These two simple changes can extend the quality of your vehicle wrap by up to 2 years!

Car Washing and Garage Parking
Car Washing and Garage Parking

While it is obvious that cleaning is the best way to maintain vinyl, how often should one clean it? According to WrapWorks, you should clean your vehicle once a week. It is important to use a gentle soap to preserve the protective coating and color of the vinyl.

Park under the shade
Weather impacts the longevity of your vehicle wrap a lot. From dirt, rain, and the sun, the weather wears down the vinyl coating. Park your vehicle under shade or inside when possible.

NSU Vehicle Wrap
NSU Vehicle Wrap – ALTIUS

Now that we know what we can do to extend the life of vehicle wrap, why should we do it?

Keep Your Vehicle Looking Great
One of the main reasons that cars are wrapped is to improve the vehicle’s appearance. Regular washing will keep the vinyl in good condition and improve the look of your car.

Longevity of Paint
Individuals and businesses often use vehicle wrap to preserve the paint of the car. Vinyl acts as a protective coating on top of the paint. By extending the life span of vinyl wrap, you would be extending the layer of paint below it.

Vehicle Wrap is an Investment
Businesses use vehicle wrap to advertise their brand locally. By maintaining the vinyl, companies can invest in a wrap that will last them years. Additionally, it is in the business’s best interest to give customers a good first impression. A company that takes care of its vehicle(s) is more professional and believes in its business.

Through weekly washing and parking in the shade, you can extend the life span of your vehicle wrap by up to 2 years.

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