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Some of the links below provides variety of Whitepapers in our industry. We highly encourage our web visitors to use them for reference and knowledge. Please visit this page frequently for new updates.

Data-driven Digital Signage

Digital Signage is making a solid footprint into personalized and customized signage using big data. Information technology and artificial intelligence are used to provide personalized visual communication message to recipient. Richard Slawsky @ Digital Signage Today wrote this thought provocating article in January 2018.

Society for Environmental Graphic Design

SEGD produces many whitepapers and have been a strong promoter of environmental friendly graphic solutions. It’s a society that have high standard of collaborative work for consumers. Here is a useful whitepaper on: Signage Requirements in the 2010 Standards for Accessible Design 

Substrate Information

All industries have some jargon of words that are not familiar amongst the common people. Most people in the industry use the word ‘substrate’ referring to the material out of which the signs are made. All material have certain advantages and features that make it perfect for a certain situation. Contact us for complete information.

Large Format Printing

Choose Large Format Printing from Altius Graphics to achieve for greater visibility. You can review the wide array of materials available such as signs, custom posters and banners. We also have colors that pop as well and size and price that fits every budget.

Hand Tools in Vehicle Wrap

From graphic design to vehicle preparation and having the necessary tools on hand, there is knowledge to gain that will make every applicator even better. If we can share that knowledge we will increase the credibility of the application craft, and in turn ensure that all vehicle wraps are works of art.

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